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Dates – 15-20 September 2020

Investment for the 6 day retreat:
760 Euro – Tents  – (2 places available) – (Early bird – until 08.7 – 740 Euro).
800 Euro – Shared Yurt (3 places available) – (Early bird – until 08.7 – 770 Euro).
820 Euro – Double rooms (10 places available) – (Early bird – until 08.7 – 790 Euro).



The price includes yoga workshops in a studio and in the nature, 5 nights accommodation, healthy vegetarian food, outside excursions in the sea, caves and organized trips to the most magical places in the island.

For more information and questions – annapoch_ye@yahoo.es




MEDITATION PRACTICE – is a beautiful exploration of the mind. When we sit, we allow ourselfs to turn inward and to see what is going on inside of us. We allow ourselfs to take a step back from what is arising, disconnect from our identification with it, and from there become more quiet and to move to the stilness that lies within all of us. When we can quiet the mind we can be more in touch with the body. And from there with sensing, feeling and awareness. Bringing more harmony into our being.

PRANAYAMA, KRIYAS, VAYUS – are all part of the yogapractice. From sitting to asanas. Together they bring harmony and connectedness. Pranayama addresses the energetic body – it is engineered to achieve a natural cleansing process that occurs when energy (prana) can flow freely. A healthy flow in the energetic body restores the physical body. Kriyas address the physical body directly. They are used to literally remove excess matter from the body.

The vayus (10 in total) work on every level. The outer vayus are mostly connected to our emotions. The inner  vayus govern different areas of the body and different physical and subtle activities. When they’re functioning harmoniously, they assure the health and vitality of the body and mind, allowing us to enjoy our unique talents and live life with meaning and purpose

ASANA PRACTICE – allows us to move from awareness from within. We will explore the 7 principles of yoga – relaxing the body, quieting the mind, focusing through intent, rooting, connecting, awareness of breathing and expanding – . The yoga practice coming from such inner knowledge and clarity – allied to the guiding principles – allows us to go deeper within. From that place we see, feel, understand and act skillfully. Real practice will positivily change something in our system. If we are connecting from the inside the inside is never seperated from the outside. If we start to practice from a place of harmony we will learn not to disturb it. That is why we slow our asana (posture) practice down. Here we can move from doing to being.

BREATHING AND MOVING WITH THE WATERS – allowing the water to be our partner like a dance.  You will lead and be led by the waves in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Connecting with the ebbs and flows and the movement of the waters inside of us.

NATURE YOGA – combining all of the above in the breath-taking nature of Menorca. Practicing yoga at the most magical places on this Island.

“We are not using our bodies to get into the pose. We are using the pose to get into our bodies.”




Thirza van de Hoef

Thirza van de Hoef is a yoga teacher, (shamanic) healer and trainer. She is the owner of Tharpa-zijnsontwikkeling, which specializes in yoga, psychological counseling, bodywork, transformational work, trainings and retreats. She is teaching for over 14 years now. She loves nature and works a lot with the elements.

“I see myself as a gypsy, an adventurer. Not just in traveling to other places. I love to travel inside of myself as well. There is a whole world inside waiting to be explored. In yoga and movement I can move freely, explore the power of freedom that exists in all of us. And connect/reconnect with my true essence.Yoga and healing practices for me are an invitation to be my unique, weird, crazy, out of ordinary, beautiful self: no pretences, no expectations, no judgement! Just freedom!”




Anna Poch


Is a Yogini, Shamanic Healer, Tantric Masseur, Mindfulness Event Manager and Multidisciplinary Artist. Anna guides people and groups in transformational processes and has a special connection and knowledge with the island of Menorca.

‘’Why I dance…because I like to speak without words…to connect with my soul…to fly!!! to heal!!! to love!!! to come back always to Nature, to the essence.”



Tom Goldhand

Is a dancer, dance teacher and group facilitator, co-founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, owner and manager of Sadhana Dance School (https://tomgoldhand.com).  Tom has been teaching and creating dance for the last 12 years.

“I see myself as an improviser, I dance to discover, uncover and recover. In the last years my dance gravitate more and more into exploring movement with awareness and this is what I like to share, whether it is in dance improvisation – the art of here and now, working with a partner in the form of contact improvisation, going deep into authentic movement or high and above into ecstatic form of dancing”.